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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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we haven't seen a trifecta like that since 1999 and five names actually accounted for the point move from 18,000 to 19,000, united health, mcdonalds, home depot, boeing and goldman sachs. lauren: and oil prices surging too. with that, we will hand it over to maria bartiromo. maria: happy tuesday, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo and it is tuesday november 22nd, your top stories right now, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect donald trump lays out priority for first one hundred days. >> truly great and talented men and women, patriots, indeed, are being brought in and many soon be part of our government helping us to make america great again. my agenda will be based on a simple core principful, -- principle, putting america first. maria: we are taking a closer look at pop -- top policies.
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we are looking at records, stock coming off of a record yesterday and we begin there once again. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 even the index closing at new highs yesterday. take a look. we are looking at the rally continue with another gain this morning of about 88 points, the dow likely to hit 19,000 level right at the opening of trade this morning. oil prices this morning extending yesterday's gains, take a look. oil now up and a quarter percent up to 48.86 on crude, 49.68 on brent crude, global markets on the rise as well. ftse up 1% right now. the others up between two-thirds and three quarters of one percent. that really is looking at the mining stocks among top performers in euro zone this morning. you will see nikkei up and hang seng in hong kong up one and a half percent.
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a deadly school bus crash to report in tennessee. the driver has been charged after six people have been killed including five children. authorities are looking at the speed of the bus as a factor, details coming up as you can see the bus was cut in half in that tree. winter weather causing massive pile-up. forecast later this hour. no one from mylan will be there. it's decline to go testify over details of proposed 465 million-dollar settlement with the justice department. plus the vote is underway for times person of the year but president-elect donald trump is not at the top of the list for readers, neither is hillary clinton. we will tell you who is at the top of the list coming up. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, the wall street journal chief economic jon hilsenrath and fox news correspondent lea gabriel. good to see you. good morning. dagen: good to see you.
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maria: record highs across the board. jon: i don't think anyone saw this coming. dagen: maria bartiromo saw it coming. you need to watch this program more often, jon hilsenrath. get up early. [laughter] maria: growth plan. donald trump rolling back regulations, lower taxes. dagen: let's call out mark cuban wasn't more time, let's be clear about something. there was no way on planet earth, i'm quoting you that when you are poised to cut taxes and triggering moves overseas and around the globe and give people more money is back for economy. jon: great for markets, there we go. maria: interesting to see the small caps take the lead. of course, small caps are going to be the best beneficiaries.
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jon: biggest run in 13 years. dagen: regulation, infrastructure spending potentially and if he gets tough on trade better for smaller companies. this is the first time, this is from the journal, dow, s&p, nasdaq record highs, first time it happened since '99. [laughter] dagen: march because i was old enough to remember it. maria: joining us this morning former u.s. embassador to the united nations john bolton is here, former cia director is here, ubs chairman joe, with us, former nfl player and casey crawford here as well. plus sean hannity makes an appearance talking about big interview last night with vice
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president elect mike pence. meanwhile president-elect donald trump continues the series of meetings today deliberating cabinet positions at trump tower, he will also reportedly meet with editors and reporters in "the new york times", news outlet he has sparred with certainly in the past before flying to florida for resort for thanksgiving holiday. yesterday mr. trump announced list of executive action that is he can implement on day one. >> whether it's producing steel, building cars or curing disease, i want to next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland america creating wealth and jobs for american workers. on trade, i am going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and entry back to american shores. maria: joining us political
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analysts and trump supporter daniel, lawyer, author and liberal commentator. there's a clear emphasis on job creation and creating fair trade deals. this is what he ran on during the campaign. this is what he's looking to implement asap once he takes office. what's your reaction to what we heard yesterday from president-elect trump? >> you know, i love that video release. donald trump has hit the trump running at a speed that would make hussein bolt jealous. as far as the jobs, absolutely, he wants to make sure americans get the jobs. it sounds like he may do e-verify which has been ignored by the obama administration. he is going to -- he didn't mention it in this video, there's no question about the 35% tariffs of the large businesses leaving america like ford was about to do and totally decided not to, he's focusing on the proms he made during the campaign, many of which are i heard in person and actually
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discussed with him in oriental county, he's actually not -- he's proving that he wasn't lip service and he's actually taking action on these things. everybody has to be impressed on this and he's making america great again and the economy, so far reaction is to positive, how can you argue with it. maria: daniel, he seems to be ready to go on day one. how much time does he have? this weekend vice president dan talked about how long he has in order to get things going. listen to this. >> focus on the transition, get the best people involved, they've got a lot of bold ideas, they've got a lot of change that they want to make and there's resistance in washington. look, this was a change election. you have a real short window to get a lot of things accomplished and that short window is -- it's more than the first hundred days, it's till july, until mid-july until they took the
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august break, that's when you're going to get the majority of your work done and majority of legislation passed. maria: do you expect a lot of resistance in congress to these plans? >> no, i don't. certainly the ones that trump has layed out in the two-minute video. this reminded me a lot speaking of dan quayle. obviously with reagan, the idea of trickled down economics, big tax cuts, things good for business, even infrastructure plan really seems to be pivoted around tax cut as opposed to spending. most are going to be happy. tpp is going to be problematic because republicans have been to push trade deals, any idea that you would negotiate bilateral trade deals as oppose to one might get pushback. dagen: a couple of things that donald trump did not mention in this video, he no mention of
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them were repeal of obamacare, repeal and replace, the wall on the southern border against méxico, tax reform, the iran nuclear deal. there are a lot of things he didn't touch on and what was surprising he didn't come out and say, i'm going to reverse president obama's executive orderer on allowing 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in the country. i don't mean this in offense, it's low-hanging fruit and he's not taking on members of congress by leaving things out. he wants to leave options on the table with tax reform and with obamacare and maybe it's signaling that the repeal and replace is going to take longer than you might think. maria: aren't the things that he mentioned he can do unilaterally, he doesn't need to get -- with obamacare he's going to need to get those through congress. dagen: he could have talked about them, in the first 150
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days we are doing corporate tax reform. >> first message to the public since elected. no reporters present to ask questions, will this be style in the future? but i guess my question would be to david, was this an effort to make it seem inclusive because this is such a volatile time post election in. >> yeah, absolutely. this is the first video. his tweets, i've said this for a long time are mini press conferences. you can expect another one in all likelihood today or very soon. he would be doing regularly, introducing it bit by bit, plans for the next 90 days to six months and i think you can expect a lot of major changes. he's not a man who is going to go back on his word as far as the wall, as far as obamacare. he cannot repeal obamacare via executive order therefore he didn't talk about it yesterday but he is going to go full court prez on it. there's no question about it. he's tuned in to what america wants and the reaction is extraordinary, but you can
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expect that while probably not a whole lot before thanksgiving, he's going to put the pedal to the metal and talk about every single platform issue he ran on and making that change and making it soon. jon: daniel, the markets like what they see so far, can you argue against it when the markets are giving him a big thumbs up? >> the markets like it because they are good for business. donald trump ran as a populist, a man of the people, so we need to see what the people are thinking and if there are things that are good for people. the wall is going to be litigation, probably for more than eight years, long beyond the term. iran is a multiparty deal, do we go with john bolton's intervention. there's complex issues that he left off the table and trump is realizing that campaigning and governing are two different things. maria: the idea of trickled down economics and his plan would be
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if you make an environment that is positive for business whereas you're lowering taxes and rolling back regulations, they will respond by creating jobs. >> sure. maria: thought processes that it'll be good for businesses and not individuals. just to circle back on what you said. jon: he hits, he hits businesses that are importing a lot and benefits companies that are exporting so this can be uniformly just for everybody. dagen: you might see negative reaction, the fact that he said day one on transpacific partnership. it's done, over. you might see negative reaction because, again, that hands power to china. that universally, i think there's a lot to argue that that's necessarily great for all american even farmers and businesses. >> he did talk about bilateral agreement so maybe more specific
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with the individual countries and still sort of push china to the outside accomplishing the same thing but with better deals. maria: david, real quick there, the truth is now if the u.s. is not in tpp at all he would have to do new deals with so many countries, separate bilateral countries with asian nations and perhaps that creates disruption and upset around it. >> the idea though he's going to put america first and he's not going to be concerned that the policies and the agreements and the contracts are going to offend other countries. that is in the past. that type of politically correct bargaining is finished and by the way the rainbow coalition that he's bringing in to add to his cabinet and beyond is really frustrating the mainstream media and it's a wonderful thing to see and he's the president of all america. you will see that as well. maria: well, we are watching. thank you so much. we will take a short break. when we come back a deadly school bus crash in tennessee
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claimed the lives of at least six people including five children. details on the charges the bus driver is facing this morning. that straight ahead. mylan is refuse to go testify in front of lawmakers. back in a minute. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to
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oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b crossaction delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. and the returns i get out, are measured in reps. competition. sometimes it's audibles. bright lights. celebrations. it's huddles. camaraderie. and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you. maria: welcome back, ntsb agents heading to tennessee to
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investigate a horrific bus crash yesterday. it killed six people including five children. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: good morning, maria. the bus had 345 students kindergarten to fifth grade on board. in addition to those deaths, more than two dozen other students suffered injuries, many severe. the bus' driver 24 walker facing charges of reckless driving an endangerment. the bus was going well over the speed limit at the time of the crash. well, one week from today hundreds of chicago o'hare workers are going to walk off the job and protest for higher wages. they announce the day of strike yesterday missing the busiest part of travel season, they are going to join a nationwide day of demonstrations as fight for 15 which calls for minimum wage of $15 an hour.
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fast-food workers as well as child care are taking part, 500 o'hare workers committed to the strike last week and another 18 airports have protest plan but o'hare only workers going out on strike as we know this morning. mylan is refusing to testify in a congressional hearing next week chb le nowed on hearing over epipen and a letter to the senate judiciary committee, mylan said that executives won't testify because the settlement is pending. overbilled medicaid for epipens. the house grilled mylan ceo heather brsekch about the price hike and they are refusing that invitation now. maria: all right, thank you, cheryl. rebuilding the construction industry, the technology, how one company's innovation could make housing cheaper. plus president-elect trump taking second place in new poll, readers are putting another
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public figure at the top of the list for times person of the year. what do you think? just ahead we live in a pick and choose world.
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maria: welcome back, a big transformation is coming to the building and housing industry. two leaders in technology are teaming up to create a platform to improve infrastructure and target the need for smart, affordable housing. sketch to scale solutions provider flex and software developing company creating a joint venture called whytoformative. good to see you both. thank you so much for joining us, gentlemen. let's talk about why they styeded to create joint venture,
6:23 am
what's the important, mike? >> the opportunity is building industry is extraordinary. 75trillion-dollar economy. 10trillion-dollar construction business. rib is the leader in software systems which is the whole front-end associated with the design, cost and time and at the same time we have flex massive supply chain company that works in many, many industries out for supply chain. we have integrate them enterprise software platform that integrates all the way through to design concept all the way through project completion. maria: i love it. thomas, how is it different than xatists today in the industry? >> it's a huge need for affordable houses and for smart houses but the cost is too high
6:24 am
so in the cities where it's not enough space at the moment, so the target is to get down the price and using technology which comes from other technologies and we have developed a platform targeting real estate companies, housing companies in the big cities to build like automotive and when we get the price down 50% and create affordable and smart homes and infrastructure, if you build this in the future, so we generate for next generation living space and this is different because when the technology comes together with the supply chain, then we have what was in automotive in the 80's, the same direction, but now technology is cheap so it means cloud technology, there are all this internet, devices,
6:25 am
so we have now infrastructure to use such technology and we can build, rebuild cities and infrastructure so that we have it ready for the next generation. maria: i love the way it sounds. we know that there's been massive movement of people from suburban places into cities and you make good point that there's not room and efficiently is important. what markets do you think that will target and impact the most, market populations, who really gets impacted? >> well, we are going to start with residential and we will target all across the world. so this is a big international company, thomas' company in germany, he has over 10,000 customers with his software, we are going to try to focus on all three regions, but within those regions we will focus on china, asia, focus on the united states for the north america market and germany for the german market
6:26 am
and target those residential large real estate and residential building companies that have units of maybe a thousand units or more per year that they do. that'll be our first target and expand from there. maria: this is an important, i don't know if it's a pivot but important expansion for flex to get this exposure to housing and construction. >> what's interesting is we have 12 different industries where we have a billion dollars of revenue and when we have a billion of revenue it's like 3 billion in commerce this would be our 13th vertical that we would drive into a billion dollars. what we found with the other 12 industries is you can take the best ideas out of every one of the industries, about how supply chain happens and digital technologies to optimize the entire process and you can apply the best of any of those and put them into a new industry. so that's what we are going to try to do now. thomas talked about automotive, it doesn't matter where the
6:27 am
technology is from, if we can optimize the process all the way from the concept, all the way through project completion, it can create tremendous amount of value and the one thing outside of that, i don't think i've ever seen such a business opportunity where you have such a business value like driving the cost of housing down to 50% and you have a complementary social value by being able to bring more and more affordable smart housing to people sooner and with lower costs. maria: that's a great point. i'm glad you brought automotive. there's been a revolution as a result of technology. are you expecting that kind of revolution in construction and housing now in. >> when you go in last century, nobody could afford a car and look at the cars that everybody can car. the car is smart and -- and when you imagine this will happen to the construction building industry and you have smart homes and everybody can afford it and everybody can live and
6:28 am
cuts time and cost by 50% actually it would be a huge development and make people very happy to live into this. maria: any worries in terms of president-elect trump as it relates to trade in terms of potential tariffs, in term of potential changes on that front given that that's the worry about his economic plan? >> well, most of all we have seen in terms to have announcements and more coming out this morning, but it seems like it's proinfrastructure development. maria: it does. >> it's pro-- we think it plays right into our situation. so we actually think it's in better place now because we actually do think you'll have more development of commerce, the gdp and more people are going the buy houses and quicker. maria: if there's one person that i feel like would actually double down on infrastructure is donald trump. the construction guy. >> maybe we can sell him some
6:29 am
software. maria: do you think there's an opportunity as we see this whole new movement toward rebuilding america. >> i think america and the whole world has to be rebuilt because digital age. people live, work and learn in the house, so we need to build this infrastructure and i believe he has to experience, he comes from real estate and construction, he understands how to rebuild and he's an entrepreneur, so maybe he can give direction for this in new development and i believe it's a good opportunity and maybe part of the new america. maria: sounds like you're very well positioned. good to see you both. thank you so much. we will be watching the development. still to come president-elect trump vow to go make changes in first wasn't hundred days in office. how he plans to drain the swamp? winter weather in midwest causing a pile-up, what you can expect in thanksgiving travel? plus wall street rally continues. lots to come.
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stay right here
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maria: good tuesday morning everyone. it's tuesday november 22. your top stories at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect lays out his plan for his first 100 days in office. his admitted ration is continuing to take shape. vice president-elect mike pence weighed in on where things are now.
6:33 am
>> there are a number of people that he is considering for that role. i think what they sought this weekend and such the election date is a president-elect who is drawing americans from diverse backgrounds around. maria: the transition team said to continue. we will take you there. in markets we will look at our record situation. all of the majors. the russell 2000 index all closing and new highs yesterday and we are building on that today. the dow is likely to hit the 19,000 level right at the open of trading this morning. we're just shy of it right now. a big rally in the price of oil. up to $40.51 a barrel. up to 49 and a quarter.
6:34 am
that is lifting global markets as well. the higher across the board. in asia over night we had gains across the board. the top performer hong kong. up nearly one and half percent. i 30 hour manhunt comes to an end in san antonio. an arrest was made in the shooting death of a police officer. the latest developments there. winter weather strikes the u.s. the race to be the best. the time magazine person of the year. not a politician. the new app that redefines working from home. all of that is coming up this morning. trump is planning his first 100 days in office.
6:35 am
he spoke again about draining the swamp. watch. >> as part of our plate to drain the swamp we will impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration in a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of of a foreign government. maria: bassett basinger john bolton joins me now. donald trump really took pride in separating himself from lobbyists during the campaign. it seems that he is doing that as president elect as well. do you support this decision? >> i do support it. i think he sees what a lot of americans see that the buddy system in washington is such a huge organization that it's very hard for people to come and newly elected and actually make change. there are a lot of components to it.
6:36 am
i think the networks of lobbyists are certainly one of the things that has attracted attention. it doesn't bother me at all of the kind of band he was talking about there will be other steps to follow as well. obviously there was a lot of closed-door meetings going on. yesterday have a closed-door discussion with big names in the media as well. when it comes to the secretary of state position what you think is most important for that role and what you think is most important in terms of representing america for the rest of the world? in terms of priorities that the rest of the world wants to see from that person? >> i think the country faces a lot of great threats after eight years of the obama presidency. i think beginning to move on them from day one is critical. the threat of radical islamic terrorism. the threat of nuclear weapons. i think there are longer
6:37 am
strategic term threat from china and russia. there is the consuming challenge that doesn't get much attention at all but the question of global governance in the efforts of many people to assume american sovereignty. i think there are number of priorities that you have to begin to address on day one. i think the president-elect could take care of getting the discussion started in his inaugural address. i think all be very important to see what he lays out there. >> when i look at the list of names that are being floated for potential secretary of state you don't see a lot with the lot of a foreign policy experience one of the things that you have really with iran. your proposed bombing some of the nuclear sites in iran but what i've really seen in the past eight years is north korea developing a nuclear
6:38 am
capability and that no one is talking about. what is your take and what do you see as an administration needs as we look at north korea and a growing nuclear threat. >> i tell you it's a very significant point. it ties in directly with iran. the director of national intelligence said a few weeks ago in his speech that we could pretty will give up on the idea of getting north korea to be the nuclear eyes. that is a statement that after 25 years of negotiation with the north korea they've simply powered ahead and are very close to getting a delivery capability that would put them within a range range of hitting targets on the west coast and the united states. they think that a 26 year negotiation with north korea will change that. >> we have nearly 20 years of
6:39 am
negotiation through three administrations with iran and where are they today. do you think the 21st year of negotiation is gonna change anything? i don't think so. i hope he abrogates this in the early days. it's not getting any better with age. >> the obama administration is trying to fortify that very deal. a story yesterday that they will look to ease more sanctions against iran even handed out business contracts to american companies so that they can transact business. does it make it harder for his administration to undo that nuclear deal. >> every day that goes by makes it harder. it doesn't make it any less necessary from a strategic point of view. this is entirely consistent with the script that the obama
6:40 am
administration has followed to link american and european businesses so that there's an inherent lobby against doing anything about the nuclear weapons and do what he put a better than paul ryan when he described the secretary of state john carey acting as though he were president of the chamber of commerce. >> in terms of russia how do you think the u.s. should be dealing with russia at this point? >> i think you have to pose them when their actions are contrary to american business. there's more of a opportunity with the war on terrorism when there is a strong president in the white house. i think he has no incentive what so ever to pay attention to week president when russian interests are at stake. i think you could see a change here but let's be clear.
6:41 am
foreign policy is foreign-policy is dictated by a national interest. that is again a change. do you worry that declaring that we are out of tpt on day one gets china or an open window to do its own deals with some of the countries that we were in fact already in business with? i think what needs to be done is to see if this can be re- negotiated. he's not against international trade he he's against bad trade deals. discuss is called a free trade deal doesn't make it a free-trade deal. i think re-examining this is the way to go. i think the obama administration did a job of describing some of the strategic imperatives behind this treaty and i think the treaty itself is far removed from an ideal free-trade agreement. >> ambassador good to see you. wintry weather causing chaos
6:42 am
on the roads of ohio. 40 car pileup that left drivers in a gym. facebook's plan to use internet delivered by drones. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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maria: welcome back. the rally goes on. it has been nonstop. we continue to see the market and record territory. after hitting record highs and yesterday the tao s&p and the russell 2000 index. we are watching shares of amazon. a smashing of the company's streaming records. it's a looking at cars all around the world. amazon paid $250 million for the three seasons of the show. also keeping an eye on facebook. the ntsb investigating and
6:46 am
internet drum. it revolves around structural feral -- failure that occurred during the test flight in june. an explosion in philadelphia share show with the details and headlines. >> a 62-year-old man has been injured in east philadelphia after a package containing package containing medicine blew up inside of his apartment. it happened earlier this morning. the bomb squad is still on the team. the victim has been taken to the hospital with chest and hand injuries. investigators are try to figure out at the explosion was an accident or if this was an intentional act. we will keep you posted. >> the suspect about san antonio police officer. he was taken into custody without incident and charged with capital murder. his arrest in a 30 the 30 hour long manhunt following the shooting. we told you about this
6:47 am
yesterday. he was killed in his squad car. it happened late sunday morning outside a police headquarters. investigators believe he pulled up behind his squad car walked up to the officers driver-side window and then just opened fire. the shooting was one of several weekend attacks in multiple states. a storm system is moving into the northeast and is bringing much colder temperatures with a lot of heavy snow expected in parts of new england. that will be today. it caused a 40 car pileup in ohio over the weekend. now forecasters say rain is expected in parts of the northeast. yes here in new york city. yes during the parade. i just wanted to confirm that to all of you. and finally. the race for the person of the
6:48 am
year is pretty tight. he has eked out a lead over president-elect donald trump. he have trump have been deadlocked with 9% of all that were cast. but yesterday he pulled have 210 percent. editors are making the final choice. but it gives readers a chance to brace their opinion. wikileaks gave us give us all of those data jumps. >> trump lead led an uprising in america. and also how much is the host of the now grant to her on amazon. i made a note in mike calendar.
6:49 am
send us a tweet and tell us what you think in terms of the time cover. one app is changing the way people work from home. we are back in a minute.
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c-1 see when the technology continues. they are cutting the cord on the traditional office. roughly one in five americans now work from home. but what about telecommuters miss the more social aspects
6:53 am
of the office. darren, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. we all worked 247 here so we want to know how your new app works to help remote workers get out of the house. explain it. it's a platform that's helping hundreds of thousand people around the world helping to find them. they struggle to find the best places to get work done on a day-to-day basis our workforce is becoming very mobile and that means we need new ways to connect with this kind of resources. it's a crowd sourced platform people are able to find places to get work done and more than 1200 cities around the world. it's also a very active community. we are the largest of its kind people are saying good morning from montana and good night from mumbai.
6:54 am
is helping us wind the best place to get work done all over the world. >> is it also a dating app? >> the social aspect and the things that you lose when you don't have an office anymore are real. where documents and we still need to connect becoming isolated or distributed in the way that we were can also be very isolating for a lot of people. it really resonates for the social aspect as well. >> what kind of places are you directing people to work from. starbucks has its place but it's a well-known place for a lot of people. the hidden places are the ones that are not so well known are the ones that work from really shines. also co- working spaces of all kinds. we have apartment rooftops.
6:55 am
were really been very responsive to the fact that work does happen anyway and it is on demand. for many of us are working can go with us and because of that we need places to get work done on the fly. we are very well known for being able to help you find a place that is nearby and find it at the ready. >> there is a lot of potential for this to be at dating app. how are businesses responding. is it necessarily a good thing for them to head somebody who buys two cups of coffee sitting there taking up one of their spaces may be there most comfy chair. >> we make money and some very traditional ways. our biggest opportunities are still ahead of us. it's a massive shift in the way work gets done now.
6:56 am
the ways people are connected with resources the needs and the things that would otherwise come in the hundred years of traditional work norms are really shifting and being disruptive. with some great opportunities there. talking about the business owners. this is already huge part of their business. if you are to walk in to most coffee shops you will see people getting work done. we've done a lot of studies and the reality is that people are spending more than just a small amount in these places. it's already become a very important demographic for these businesses and finklea they love it. we've had one business owner who is bet on the fence of having a place listed. he understood the value of it
6:57 am
and was happy to be a part of what we are doing. >> there's already very few boundaries. we know the feedback we get is tremendous. it has been very will received. we note that were helping people achieve the work life balance. darren think you so much. on the new app. president-elect donald trump outlines his agenda for his first 100 days in office. mornings with maria is back in a moment.
6:58 am
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see one good tuesday morning everyone. it is tuesday november 22. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast right now. president-elect donald trump sending a message to all americans about his first 100 days in office. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland america. creating wealth and jobs for american workers. as part of this plan i have asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. some of the key issues that the president-elect plans to address his trade and rolling
7:01 am
back regulations. markets are coming off of a record day on wall street. there all closing a new all-time highs yesterday. looking at more of them right now. it is poised to hit 19,000 for the dow jones industrial average with another 50-point rally expected at the open and nasdaq expected to be up 22 points. global markets also on the rise. mining stocks among the top performers there. in asia overnight gains across the board there as well. the index is up one and half percent. apple is back for black friday. it's hinting at holiday deals after skipping the sales last year. will take what's on tap. and instagram gets into disappearing live streaming. it's trying to overtake snap chat the big competition there. they report that the
7:02 am
technology giant takes it for live game rights. when the restrictions come up in the next couple of years. >> about chito themed jewelry. a ring for $20,000. tell you about it. all of the stories coming up this morning. at the top of the 6:00 a.m. hour i said nobody saw this market rally coming i should've said maria's thought. 19,000 as a number to look for today. very shortly get over that hump. nobody expected donald trump to win but as you pointed out it was so crystal clear. and a lot of it have to do
7:03 am
with facts that he have to have a hundred 50 days it's almost a certainty that we get some tax reform particularly a cut in corporate tax rates. i think people were expecting certainly after the brexit vote. there was a lot of turmoil on markets. they are saying this is basically based on these assumptions that policies a favor will be plummeted in the first year. as he walks some of those other policies back. >> can we expect some of these gains to stop and start dropping off. or he's can a favor the banks this is been a favorite based on what we've seen all
7:04 am
american companies small to large. you have every single major gauge of the stock market in this country at a record high. one of the things that was a real standout through out the whole election is donald trump have a growth plan. his biggest priority during the election in the campaign was economic growth. and that's what he kept pushing. that sort of rollback and regulation. it's very concrete. he lays it out. the court appoints of his tax reform plan and the fact that his individual tax reform plan dovetails with the ones that's already in the house of representatives there's a lot to hang your hat on. and there's so much you don't know about what he's can be able to get done on the wall and trade deals.
7:05 am
steve forbes joined us last week and he said 6% growth he said maria forget 4%. >> ef to talk about the federal reserve if you can talk about that. the fed is and again the let the economy grow that fast. i think were heading towards a trade was some tension. they're gonna put some brakes on this economy if it starts going that fast. stay right here. we kick it off this hour with president-elect and his national security team taking place. the president-elect selected
7:06 am
king chris -- kansas congressman. congressman. he is considering retired general. we break it down right now. he is former cia director. thank you so much for joining us. what is your take on what we've heard so far these are in pompeo's case good appointments. these are people focused on these issues and their careers mike pompeo i only talk to him once. but i was quite impressed with his background and history and abilities in the conversation about the issues. i think it looks like it's a very good team. see one when you look at the cia today and the intelligence we've have an extraordinary year.
7:07 am
what do you think is the most important pressing issue the country faces that the national security team needs to prioritize. to deal with terrorism we can't just sit there like a goalie and hockey and hope to stop every shot on net. that means running your police departments and so forth much more the way that they ran things in new york right after 911. they did not ignore going to meetings of religious groups. you may need to keep an eye on this. when he was dealing with organized crime he visited the sicilian neighbor heads a lot more than the ones that were the sweetest ones.
7:08 am
you can't just stand there. fifth well major aspect of what has to happen. a man was arrested for trying to join isis. and he he was actually caught on a wiretap talking about the kind of attack that happened in the south of france with the trucking guns attack. we don't even understand it at this point. we have a number of people in the intelligence services and other institutions that do understand terrorism rather well and are getting more and more understanding of it. but it's a very hard job to stop everything. i think one thing organ had to do also is be more aggressive
7:09 am
with respect to our cyber use and go after medications vigorously and not only listen in on the terrace in groups affiliated with them but go after them with cyber attacks ourselves. we to take the gloves off. this will be bad if we just sit here and say it's a tough problem maybe we will stop them before they kill too many people. we cannot do that. >> what are your thoughts on the loss of the ability to collect telephone metadata. in this case here in new york and fbi informant made contact somehow they must had known that that potential terrorist terrorists was trying to commit attacks what are your thoughts about the loss of
7:10 am
metadata collection. >> people need to understand that metadata is what is on the outside and not the inside. it's the return address and since the 1940s we been authorized to have the post office put a mail watch on someone and just to look at that data not to open the letter get to the inside. and when the government started doing that with e-mails for example or telephone messages instead of the old-fashioned first-class letters people got very upset. and because the numbers are huge. we sent a lot more e-mails and then we used to send first-class letters. the size and the numbers led to some substantial restrictions on other parts of
7:11 am
the intelligence community and the police from keeping an eye and what was going on in terrorist groups. i think that's a shame because they were not violating the law. they were not going into the interior of communications without warrants and so forth but people are very upset at the numbers and that has crippled our ability to stop terrorism to some degree. maria: let me ask you about the security that is being ramped up for the thanksgiving day parade. what is your advice on the threats of soft targets right now could you characterize where we are. >> they like to go after symbols. i was worried after 911 they would go after the statue of liberty. they like to do things on
7:12 am
dates that are important to us. and sometimes that are important to them. there are other things that they look to but when something happens on the date as it did in boston a couple years ago of the beginning of the american revolutionary war is a date that takes the conscience and the notion of effectiveness of the terrace. they go after it. we are right to worry about thanksgiving those are dates in which they think they are really slamming us in getting good publicity and damaging our self-confidence if they can carry out an operation on a date like that.
7:13 am
speemac he wants to forge a closer relationship with russia do you think were in a position to be a partner with russia particularly in the fight against terrorism. >> the jury is still out. it depends a lot on his behavior i think. it's not impossible we had allied with some pretty ugly dictators in the past in order to accomplish something we have to do such as when world war ii. sometimes you have to be a partner of someone in the abstract you'd rather not be. i think the jury is still out on whether he will work effectively with us or uses as an excuse to move against other countries in the baltic states and so on. i'm still a bit skeptical.
7:14 am
there is more coming up. google results show bias in case you're questioning it. they would suggest that the search engine engine has a new lien. millions of you are online right now,
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7:17 am
huge waves along the country's pacific coast were triggered after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the power plant. there is video taken during the quake. an aftershock to the 2011 tsunami. they are warning another aftershock could occur. >> google search. they lean liberal. the conclusion is reopening the debate about the implements. a study found that 50 recent searches they tended to be more liberal. that finding was based on the judgments of four different people google is denying allegations that it is bias. apple is getting back into the black friday spirit.
7:18 am
didn't even do it last year. but this can't come soon enough. you will have to check it out on the website. go to the apple store to find out. and then check this out. it's called i am the cheetah. it's that $20,000 set of earrings made out of chinos. guess of the snack. and they have nearly 3 carats of orange sapphire. you can buy it there. so if you love chinos is your website. the sales are starting to break is sometimes a very bad
7:19 am
sign for retail and the holidays. it started online first before the departments. those have started. they broke at saks the avenue as well. >> this is not cheap but it's on sale. coming up next. he targets the transpacific partnership. how eliminating the deal could reshape the trade policy. could it bring the u.s. economy with them. wow, x1 has netflix?
7:20 am
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in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. maria: the future of the transpacific partnership growing more uncertain. he outlined his agenda for his first 100 days in office. i'm getting issue a notification of intent. to withdraw from the partnership. they bring jobs and industry back onto american shores. i will formulate a role which says for every new regulation to old regulations must be eliminated.
7:24 am
they commented. the tpt is meaningless without the united states. it is for the same reason that the renegotiation is impossible. it would disturb the fundamental balance of benefits. todd buckles. good to see you. what are your thoughts on this. pulling out means that those countries may do deals themselves with china. the fact is that the u.s. is still the world's biggest market so they still want to come here. so the prospect of bilateral deals at least with the to the larger countries i don't biggest so tough. prior to this. they had been coming down ever since world war ii. it's not as if pulling out suddenly puts us in some sort of zone where tariffs immediately rise up. you give 1.3 billion people in china. when you say this is the
7:25 am
biggest market what you mean. we are wealthier than those countries we just named. they obviously have a great steak and selling goods for our country. why would you leave it to all of president obama's negotiators to do that work for you. president obama like other presidents tried to leave it with the monuments themselves. obama care was rushed into practice is that he so he could have a monument. they allow them to have nuclear weapons was rushed in without a proper assessment because he needed the monument to himself. they have they've done similar things. it's not so surprising. can that deal and be renegotiated and if you expect that.
7:26 am
>> i think that's can be a tough one. the new trump administration is can ask for some methods to rebalance trade. it sounds as if he may be identifying some products in certainly automobiles our something he's been talking about. i would be surprised if they were talking about that. isn't there something we can do to make trade be more balance. the real problem we are facing is a credibility around the world of the concept of free trade. if they need to go a little slower on free trade in order to convince the american people that gun rights make that. and maybe going a little bit further.
7:27 am
if you pull out. in the markets don't have such a great reaction with that put the brakes on the agenda the donald trump has laid out in terms of renegotiating all of these trade deals. the markets already know. they promise it wasn't can happen. the markets are well aware that free trade is there. and the markets change their minds. don't count that out. the u.s. dollar is getting very strong and some folks think that's a great thing. the exporters are concerned about that. so the question is whether companies like boeing and caterpillar start losing sales
7:28 am
because they can't compete with the stronger dollar. we may be getting that soon. and that might put a little tap the brakes. what is your response. i think two things are going on. it is recognized. is recognized. lower corporate tax rates are good thing. there is a race among countries now to reduce corporate tax rates. it makes sense. if you have lower corporate tax rates. it looks like a good thing to businesses and makes a lot of sense. we haven't really yet gotten a serious discussion with house republicans about tax policy and individual tax cuts the house republicans are gonna
7:29 am
try to discipline the trumpet proposals so the numbers are a little bit lower. they talk a lot about mexico but is it china the real trade problem for the united states. it is where there is a larger trade deficit. in my book the new president trump should take a hard night with china. it is ridiculous that we allow them to rip off electoral property into do so sometimes under the chinese government. it's pretty extraordinary. who the president-elect is meeting with. we have that back in a moment.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
happy tuesday everybody. it is tuesday november 22. the interviews are for the future leaders continue. as the president-elect.
7:33 am
[indiscernible] one meeting the president-elect well not be taking today. i canceled the meeting with a failing new york times. they are coming off of a record day on wall street. all of the majors closing and new all-time highs. they are expected to hit 19,000 at the open. prices are extending the move once again. crude oil a. it's up about 1% right now. indonesia overnight. the best performer was in hong
7:34 am
kong. it was up nearly one and half percent. at least 16 protesters arrested in north dakota. the latest as they's right water cannons and freezing weather. lights, camera instagram. they make a big play into the sports world. mcdonald's hopes teeming with an airline trump tweeted out this morning great meanings will take place today concerning the formation of the people who will run our government for the next eight years. he said to meet for the new york times. that meeting is canceled. dude to a change in terms and conditions with the times is refuting. vice president elect mike
7:35 am
pence weighed waiting on his potential secretary of state pick last night. what the american people saw this weekend and really since the election day is a president-elect who is drying americans from diverse backgrounds around him. i will tell him that he and governor romney had a very cordial and substitute schedule. the chief washington correspondent and offer of the new book. great lives. great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. what a wonderful idea. as been on the new york times bestseller list for four weeks. and it's a collection of eulogies that they delivered over the course of the career.
7:36 am
from presidents, pop culture. there is something for everyone. and it's often emotional and shattering pieces. the princess diana one was great. let me first ask you about what's going on at trump tower this week. and how you would a size up the ministration that he is putting together? >> i think it's fair lately am expected. he deserves a chance. in the media and his opponent as you say well not accept it.
7:37 am
they will keep fighting back. trumpet took so much heat after the final debate when our colleague chris wallace asked if he would accept the election results. i think he was trying to say the outcome of an event that hasn't occurred yet. he didn't say well. it reminds me of something he once had. they claim to want to have a hearing. they're shocked and offended to discover that there are other views. he arranged for a grant. he was in addition to being the godfather. in the host of firing line. he was a best-selling spy novelist.
7:38 am
and he allows the reader to savor these as he did. what person or persons were most revealing for you. some of them are really touching pieces. there is a real theme in the book of friendship. it was for his long-standing friend. he knew him for 60 plus years. those are viewers who give the torch kept lit as a gift. and actually deepens their friendship. give us some insight on his background. buckley came from a well-off family. he was at champion debater at yale.
7:39 am
when he made the cover of time magazine in 1967. and it said conservative them can be fun. he used his good look and his wits. it is industry to make conservative them powerful in the media age. there is no one like that before him. what he think you think about today. to say anything by the general coarseness. he recoiled from a i think you'd be saddened by the toxicity. i think there is a real hunger in our country right now for wit in stability in politics. those are all great sentiments. is there any surprises when you look at the administration they are putting together.
7:40 am
i don't see those. everyone knew he was the first set senator. he was can have that of any cabinet job he wanted. there were some .-ellipsis that said they would remain in the senate. i'm not terribly surprised by his pics. bestseller list for four straight weeks. they threw rocks at the police.
7:41 am
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maria: welcome back. unregulated trade it electronic credit. thread to destroy that oil refinery. oil firms. putting the obligation. this has been catastrophic for small and medium size refineries. he said take a look at the contract right now.
7:45 am
yesterday's arrest happens. the sheriff's office that use the water was to repel aggressive protesters who were throwing rocks, asphalt and water bottles at officers. one officer was hit and head. instagram going live. it allows you to broadcast video to your followers in real time but they can only watch it while you are streaming. when it's over it's over. instagram will delete the video and it makes it very similar to snap cap. there also introducing a direct message feature.
7:46 am
canada west jet airline will serve mcdonald's coffee on all flights. for the exclusive contract. a big deal. it is a canadian airline into important as canadian. i think another good option. it's good to be unclaimed. to match up. that's what i want. as the french fries. as a well.
7:47 am
why is it the person next to me. now starbucks did a deal with another airline. i'm always trying to study something and need something. they worked as a flight attendant. that's what sippy cups are for. they don't want bigger cups. then you have to go to the restroom all the time. i'm guilty of getting up multiple times.
7:48 am
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welcome back. the nfl's big-game and mexico city. more controversy going in. laser lights are pretty cool. if you're like and a rush concert. but not if you are flying a plane or playing a football game. it was the first nfl game in mexico in 11 years. in no controversy for the national anthem.
7:52 am
they cheered over 76,000. and largely a crowd of raiders fans. the 75-yard touchdown. 35 yards. as for that laser pointer. several times a lesson leslie had to fend off the active what was one green labor -- laser fan. failing to qualify for the world cup in 2016. they make a coaching change. he was fired monday after four and half years as a manager of the u.s. men squad. they manage the team from 1998 to 2006.
7:53 am
we will soon be feasting with our family and friends on thursday the game well not be shown on twitter. the thursday night games head. no twitter on things giving. so it will air exclusively on nbc. are you enjoying that with your number ship. we may soon see life telecast. according to the wall street journal amazon has been in talks over recent months with the nfl, major league baseball for the rights to carry life games. amazon executives had also reportedly reached out to traditional television networks to get a sense of which game rates they already own.
7:54 am
i know that i used to watch these. you never know how it would go for amazon prime. but another open door to non- nontraditional sports. the transition rates expire and 19. everything gets on the table and now. once they get changed. it's such a different landscape than last time all of them were made or whatever else. >> the film at work. there is negotiation. i again it could be the same thing to offer packaged deals. or major league baseball.
7:55 am
which do you think they're more likely to work with them. i know they have already been in talks with the nba as well as the nhl and they were the steel quickly. i would think they all get involved. you don't want to be the one league that is a dinosaur. if you are a fan. so that no cable, no satellite model makes sense. in terms of sports viewership. you will seek out that pro making -- programming. i have to get my brothers directv password. i would just rather pay a fee where i can watch the team. we have out-of-town fans who want to watch other games.
7:56 am
i would start right there. that should be the launching point for this. you mentioned earlier the grand tour. their new show grant to her they paid a lot of money to get these guys on the show. a viewing record. they don't care what they spend. everybody is at stake here. they're gonna spend whatever they want to spend. there have the power to get everything that they want. they will spend whatever it takes. and that's important because sports that is where the viewers are.
7:57 am
they will watch live sports. this is who is buying the product. that's where they're going. more still to come. how he takes movement mortgage higher. he will join us in the next hour. mornings with maria is back in a moment. in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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7:59 am
. maria: good tuesday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo.
8:00 am
it is tuesday about november 22 your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast president-elect donald trump lays out his plan for his first 100 days in office. >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale energy and clean coal, creating many marine layers of high-paying jobs. that is what we want. that is what we've been waiting for, on regulation. i will formulate a rule says for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. >> also addressed cyberthreat in infrastructure plan talking about it markets off a record day on wall street buying continues this morning, check out these numbers the dow s&p 500, nasdaq and russel 2000 index closing new highs yesterday take a look at more gains the dow likely to hit 19,000 level the opening of trading with 50 point rally right now, global markets also on the rise, in europe, mining
8:01 am
stocks are among top performs take a look, ft 100 up 3/4 of 1 percent in asia overnight we had gains across the board there as well with best perform hong kong hang seng up 1 havd%, deadly school bus crash in tennessee to report, the driver charged after six people killed including five children, issue ntsb officials to the scene we will bring all the developments as we get them, plus one college campus can't get over election results, a school in massachusetts, is refusing to fly the american flag. the controversy and shame coming up, check your pantry a pair of recalls you need to know about baby food at an off shelves rubber was found in the jars just in time for thanksgiving heinz recalling some gravwhere. >> dooimentdz taking a look at the returns of the rock hard asset, diamond dries seem to go up we check it out this morning joining me to talk
8:02 am
about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, wall street chief economics correspondent jon hilsenrath, fox news correspondent lea gabrielle good to see you. >> good morning. >> we are seeing object board how long will the rally continue. maria: yeah. dagen: terrible investment -- >> really. >> if you try to resell them like if you get married divorced try to resell the engagement ring you get 30 cents on dollar may be. >> i say that from personal experience. >> that would sell our on ebay, i think -- >> actually is. >> actually the diamond holds more value settings people spend so much money on where they lose money. >> a debate we have to have i have seen diamonds looks like keep going up we will talk about it, joining the conversation this morning former nfl playesh casey crawford host of hannity sean
8:03 am
hannity here his big interview with mike pence last night stuart varney here will weigh in on a number of developments, cybersecurity in focus president-elect donald trump looking to protect our infrastructure was one of his top priorities when he takes office. >> on national security i will ask the department of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to develop a comprehensive plan to protect america's violent infrastructure from cyberattacks and all other form of attacks. >> bring in joe right now route 9 technology chairman ceo former ubs payne weber chairmen ceo good to see you. >> pleasure. >> thank you so much joining us route 9b cybersecurity firm first give us, the lay of the land how vulnerable is our infrastructure tocry attacks. >> i think single greatest threat in the country part of our problem if you were to ask jpmorgan chase home depot target, sony, what do they
8:04 am
have in common not they got hacked that they got hacked after spending a billion two on firewalls so an automated fire wall or approach to cyberdoesn't work. you need the human element, the operator out of the nsa understands the enemy, how are they going to enter or exploit your enterprise they know because they have grown up with it, so private sector ill-prepared, we need to collaborate with those specialists, that is, i think, the best way the approach this. >> what does donald trump need to do. >> i think he has to talk to people at nsa, number two, i was -- chairman of the homeland security advisor council after 9/11 we attempted to be able to collaborate with private sector sharing gather the government would not indemnify corporations in corporation would takes that risk sharing data but in secure environment we should collaborate with private sector, engage private operators so that we can go mano a mano with people in china in high-rise.
8:05 am
>> who are most dangerous architects, state architects in -- russia private sector. >> i would say lesser number one, then would i go north korea iran, usual suspects primarily russia very active so is china, north korea. >> in terms of intellectual property using the internet break dons in systems to steel intellectual property like china. >> as you know going on for decades, they have been -- hitting our country in terms of it even with government what is happening now they are segue away from u.s. government ip, to commercial sector i think realized you can disenter mediate identity theft creating as much damage again a wake-up call glad to hear president-elect taking it on you need to collaboration of the human component with the automated firewall. >> how long do you think this is going to take what donald
8:06 am
trump is talking about are we talking about years. >> i think you are, i think you are talking about a decade. >> what is entailed in that decade take us behind. >> training, my cto at ubs professional never trained in cybernot one ioto in cyberwhy i suggest there are 35 or 35r7 we call journey unifimen in the bowels of the nsa best the country ever proud, my company has 25 of them they are training entities throughout the country including private sector we need that training done to raise awareness level with professionals we have already embedded in our corporate structure. >> how the how do you keep up with pace of technology you know i think back in 1996, 1 years ago when i was naval academy somebody handed me disk said this is neither escape is anybody interested not one even interested the technology chang so fast takes
8:07 am
dauk decades how do you keep up competing with are cyberarcs. >> we associate with with in usa xhooib demand, et cetera, we are seeing newest greatest new threats bu clavb effort what can we do about new theft what with an key defend yourselves with, all is transpiring that is the methodology going forward that has to take place. the technology becomes more and more sophisticated, they hackesh themselves, are more and more s sophisticated we have to recognize training number one priority. relevant to this battle of cyber. >> can you put on your market hat for a second, we have been talking all morning about this market rally we are going to see 19,000 may be later this morning, is this rally sustainable what would you say is behind it? >> jon i have been wrong last time on this show market was 187, dow i suggested vulnerable to 10 to 20%
8:08 am
contraction i have been wrong, but frankly what this is all about is if have in land of blind one-eyed man is king money coming here last year over 400 billion dollars foreign investment came into u.s., and the buybacks of u.s. corporations exceeded 590 billion a record going all the way back to 2007. so that is going on. eps is benefiting from both of those frankly i think, i think the market is a bit overbought i think that at 23 pe multiples a little bit historically high i think there is going to be somewhat of a contraction but right now nor else to go it is u.s. >> you got a good plan oi economy one of the president-elect's plans is for regulation, and rolling it back you said for every new regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated how important is rollback of regulations. >> relative to corporate america hiring economy probably numero uno.
8:09 am
>> that is what i thought dodd-frank in 2010400 -- rules 200 uncull indicated i can't validate what i read 24 million labor hours, to absorb 200 rules. in corporate america, put in perspective building of panama canal was 20 million, so the propensity to absorb this is really dragged down corporate america too degree some rules frankly overkill, so i think we have to take a sensible approach reduce regulation and get the economy moving, in a practical fashion. >> -- financials dodd-frank epa obamacare. >> number one, and i like what i am hearing from trump right now i think that one for two, how pragmatic that is good but i also think, if upper he advising him would set a tone on wealth affect the i would go with 10 dollar minimum wage commit 50 cents a year next 10
8:10 am
years till we get to 15, by the way, i would lover kort taxes five points to offset increased labor costs, simultaneously. >> we will see about that i am sure lots of plans in that regard. >> he is not listening to me. >> i am not underestimating that, good see you thank you so much we will watch, coming up important recall for new parents major grocery chain pulling baby food brand off shelves the customer's find rubber in container, high-flying drama one massachusetts college is refusing to raise flag on campus after the election we are back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ .
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
maria: welcome back bus driver in deadly tennessee school bus crash under arrest. >> 24-year-old walkesh charged with vehicular homicide reckle reckle reckless endangerment driving two dozen do children injured at an to hospitals because of the accident not clear speed maybe a factor ntsb sending a team to chattanooga to perform its own investigation.
8:14 am
>> we will be looking to see whether many school buses have cameras we will be looking to see if this bus had cameras there are also typically nonvolatile information sources engine monitoring sometimes i want to know lock brakes looking into that. >> local hospitals have put out an urgent call for blood. >> atb recalling baby food two packs after a customer reported finding a small piece of rubber inside one of the packs, san antonio based chain says no injured or illness will be reported but recalling product to be safe. >> days before thanksgiving hundreds of cases of heinz brand gravy recalled they may have been mislabeled some labeled as porichestk they are home styled bistro. >> a chij in massachusetts taking down flags at least for
8:15 am
now, the move by the college after american ago there was burned after donald trump was elected to president flag first flown at half-staff after election that upset other members in the college, it was then found burned on veterans day, of all days, before being replaced flown half-staff finally the school said just take the flag down take all flags down college president saying flags should not have been burned first place announcing it but in will they figure out what is going on, no flags are flying, back to you. >> ridiculous this bothers me, thank you, they don't want to you know, respect the flag, this what is they are teaching students. >> i think initialling sounds like clinical kind of like enough already with the flags so let's take it down until we figure out what is going on i hope they investigate it figure it out that being said when i served in military one of the officers i really respected, i talked to him about how upset i was about people burning flags stomping on flags he said lea we protect their rights to burn
8:16 am
to stomp on american flag what we do in military a disgraceful on are veterans day i think most in the military will say you know we defend our constitutional rights here in united states that is what we do in the military. >> the right to within your the american flag is actually -- was it was supreme court decision that justice scalia moved in favor of he in part as repugnant as found that act -- >> congress over the years has moved to try and pass legislation, to ban flag burning but it was the court in that ruled that it is protected a form of speech under first amendment. >> i was taught we take high ground those in military high ground protect freedom of speech. >> as mike bense has been doing over and over again i must say most eloquent way. >> what about teaching tolerance on college campuses, too?
8:17 am
tolerance for alternative views including views of donald trump. >> might hurt ears fragile to hear anything they don't agree with. >> again. >> really? >> so delicate. >> elected you support that person as americans we stand together in military that as commander in chief once elected come together support the person elected. >> we will talk to sean hannity about his exclusive interview with vice president-elect mike pence coming up about tacklely a new venture former nfl star moves to housing market. how he has grown this is business into one of the biggest lenders in the country, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
8:18 am
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . maria: welcome back, from football field noufth market super bowl champion crawford entered real estate market with four employees to make it easier for home buyers to secure a mortgage years after launch movement mortgage one of the top 10 in the country more than 4,000 employees joining us former tampa bay buccaneers tight end cofounder ceo o movement mortgage good to see you. thank you for being here congratulations, wow! how easy was that you launched your company in 2008. height of the collapsing housing market moved seamlessly from football to housing what made you enter how did you do it. >> well, i know i had a football coach that --
8:22 am
carolina panthers tight end team never got more than 3 always find a way to be needed i think in 2008 what was needed in united states a fresh take on mortgages regulation on industry like never before bigger banks affiant able to navigating we put together a process that enabled that. >> how did you know what to do how so informed with mortgages and housing. >> i hood a little bit of adult supervision in nfl locker room talk housing real estate i think president-elect donald trump said only bad investment in rae one you didn't make i got involved in real estate while playing a moment in time before the crisis, that markets you were buckle up. >> incredible, everything going nothing but up, bunch young nfl players investing in
8:23 am
that surge, i got sucked in as well i had adult supervisings when he got out guide me in mortgage business. >> what growth did you have seen you led your company has grown exponentially, how do you compete to offer mortgages what is selling point. >> my wife asked the same thing we started this, i thought that is a good question. >> you know, about on -- on the macrolevel we started a company of four, no way we are going to compete with bank of america biggest banks across united states we could help one home owner in a more exceptional marshawn serve better we architected a process around regulation worked with regulatoryr regulators understanding what they wanted to see happen, we were in line with dodd-frank at the time we had benefit of doing that the big banks had to adjust react to that new regulation, we architected around that regulation, that led to exponential growth to
8:24 am
5,000 today. >> 5,000 from 4 started less than 10 years amazing let me ask you about what is going on now, mortgage rates highest since july, 15 interest rates creeping up what happens in terms of rates does that put a crimp in the strength you have seen. >> there is a market tumble 00 points ten ep year everyone on phone about to hit rates record lows three hours later a speech given market come back up 10 years up over 230 basis points is putting us into only purchase territory we are seeing the market is fairly enthusiastic home buyers optimistic you know i think looking for a sustained purchase market nba put out numbers yesterday projecting over a trillion dollars in purchase money mortgages in 2017 highest we have seen since 2001. >> you my millennials are a
8:25 am
big part. >> millennials the largest segment of home buyers in the united states guys getting older were 18 to 4 now starting to push up 35, 36 having faechlz moving out of homes with moms and dads start to buy they expect a digital experience seamless what is what movement is trying to provide best in class experience. >> emphasize targeting millennials. >> absolutely targeting millennials architecting a process worked with regulation to make home plying sproe smooth andies kwhoo we have seen with regulation last 8 years has gotten costly more come bersome for most to deliver mortgages we are able to under write process, about 75% of our mortgages inside seven business days because technology working with current regulations to keep that home-buying process smooth as fobl. >> i know companies also only lender with a completely mobile digital application.
8:26 am
>> we work with peter keel investing class provider to provides a app to file on line on phone we are cool stat about this we found families making less than 50,000 dollars a year three times, more likely to apply using a phone couldn't figure out why starts polling they didn't have home internet so finding mobile digital applications demonstratecr cracratizing the process. >> football great a lot of fun having energy i do not miss getting broken up on sunday afternoon. >> i can imagine incredible. >> nfl trip to mexico raiders won this was you know, you went to the super bowl against raiders, so tell mi about your thoughts on going to mexico city. >> the nfl talked about earlier it is interesting a a second i thi-- sacred thing on
8:27 am
sunday afternoon now thursday night saturday we got sunday at 9:00, london all night, guys in football can't do that i have a 6-year-old 10-year-old girl i can't to ken league i think mark cuban said it very well they are in an interesting place. >> do you thank the ratings of jobs because of pushback american nag one of your former buccaneers says not standing for flag horrible. >> i think we have had a combat sports we have been watching in election, might have at an viewers obviously i do i think a more confusing sport to follow these days all over media to follow it, twitter, life screaming nfl network package a lot to figure out where to follow. >> apparently amazon will be there wants to buy football. we will see about that. >> a happy price tag these days. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> what a smooth transition. watching movement, thank you.
8:28 am
>> appreciate it. >> just ahead first 100 days in office sean hannity with us us have interview with vice president-elect mike pence on plan to hit the ground running from starbucks to customers how much the company heig heightened prices, back in a minute.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
trump lace out his plan for first 100 days in his administration. he is continuing to shape that administration, this week, vice president elect mike pence says critics will be increased how he is handling these decisions. >> to see the way our president-elect is asking the tough questions, is he is driving forward he is asembling a team a 100 day agenda to do exactly what you said in monologue the president-elect and i met with members of congress leaders in the congress -- >> breaking down the president-elect plans including a trillion-dollar investment. >> market off a record day on wall street in buying continues, this morning dow, nasdaq s&p 500 russel 2000 indices all new highs yesterday looking at more today dow jones industrial average lyle to hit 19,000 level opening of trade a gun 50 points at open global markets on the rise, in europe, mining stocks, are leading there the top
8:32 am
performers ft 100 in london the cac quarante in paris up more than 3/4 of 1% about asia overnight take a look hang seng best up 1 1/2 percent gains across the board in asian markets starbucks precise increases hitting sxhooerz by surprise for coffee, we will tell you about, all that glitters isn't always gold more are taking a shine to diamonds we will tell you about the value of diamonds, elect trump focusing on infrastructure in a big way exclusive interview with sean hannity last night volleyball elect mike pence explained how congress could pay for a one trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. >> that was one area that sean hannity said he was concerned about joining us right now host of hannity sean hannity himself joining us on the phone good to talk to you sean thanks so much for calling in onn onnon. on the phone: , also a good to watch your show what is going on. >> we watched your interview
8:33 am
last night great interview with mike pence proposing big spending, by saving money elsewhere, what do you think about this i know that you raised the flag and concerns during your interview but a trillion dollars from your spending could it jump-start the economy not exactly what he conservatives wants to see we have restructure you need to rebuild those schools, et cetera, no doubt about it i just want to get the economy going first, and -- >> if donald trump loser kerpt tax rate to 15% allows trillions to be repatriated if he gets rid of obamacare, as in video yesterday moves towards energy independence, all of that pontius pilate to massive economic growth, and job creation, and hence you will see an influx of new money into the federal government, certainly could be
8:34 am
used for infrastructure, and -- worry any time -- money are spent -- through bureaucracy of chase trying to get out of governor pens who i like a lot is is there a away to bypass all of the bureaucratic red tape committees ways money are going to be spent and get the money directly to the projects that are needed and necessary so you actually get a trillion dollars, now, we've got to pay for it as we go this president accumulated more debt than all 43 pts before him combined, you can't not pay attention to the debt, interest rates low now some point going up when they do a lot more money -- american people. maria: i think the rollback of regulation is real important because small business in particular has been getting just -- slammed. on the phone: hammered. maria: from dodd-frank epa
8:35 am
obamacare. on the phone: you and i are in full agreement about that i would argue that in the first 100 days, at least 90% damage that object has done in the last 8 years is wiped off the box there is so much of what he has done has been through regulation, illegal unconstitutional executive orders ets especially energy donald trump mentioned fracking, mentioned shale oil drilling, coal energy all of that number one added bonus of making us energy independent lifeblood of our economy and it is good for national security as we are not dependent on foreign countries that hate our guts, or that lifeblood, so i think it is really, really a crucial component towards economic growth, and it is also something can help our allies for example western europe is beholden of vladimir putin, he never turns off spigot of
8:36 am
energy they are in proubl, so if we get undergo production to high level we probably have potential to even export some energy resources, in which we have 00 years at least for. >> dagen thanks for coming into the studio today [laughter] laugh. on the phone: why do i like you so much go back to -- where you a bit me up every night. dagen: i joyed that come on any time sean you mentioned corporate tax cuts, and repatriation 10% rate what about the individual tax cuts should trump push to do both of those at the same time? on the phone: a hundred percent -- under trump's plan, by the way, very simply to where we are now, half of all workers will not pay a single penny in federal income taxes
8:37 am
we have redistribution of wealthy the top 1% pays 70% tax bill top 10% pays 70% tax bill [inaudible], nothing, so -- look, yes, we need to -- if we can -- simplify tax code -- and i think the most important to us of economic plan we need one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. it is a myth corporations pay taxes they pass on costs to consumers additional tax on us, more importantly, it is if you add a lower corporate tax rate at 15% and repatriation a trillion, what that means is we are incentivizing momentum national corporations to set up shop right here in america, and i would even go a step further as saying okay trillions of dollars belize
8:38 am
caymans tax havens bring them here invest in infrastructure, and factors manufacturing centers, if you do that maybe even should offer them a lower tax rate if you invest -- xn trillion dollars in milwaukee detroit cities dying to rebull factors manufacturing centers why not get an additional tax incentive? instead of a 10% repatriation, tax what 5%? >> they will bring money back for sure. >> plus what you got out of pence last night where do you think his priorities are going to be based on the conversation you had with him last night. on the phone: between donald trump's -- last night nothing -- he beat the living daylights out of the top media executives so buysed colluding with clinton campaign to get her elected as revealed by wikileaks i kind of enjoyed that a lot but what i got out of between trump's tape and my
8:39 am
interview with mike pence these are guys moving forward with their promised agenda. and to be the key to a successful president donald trump is going to be, he has to follow through on tax plan follow through on energy plan, repeal and replace obamacare education back to the states, he has to build that wall extreme vetting, these are all basic, basic promises he has 8, 9 things very specific things. if he does them they will be good for the economy, very reminiscent of kennedy of ronald reagan, he has probably a 6 month window to get all of this done, and it looks like very about ambitiously moving forward with every one of those agenda items. maria: both houses of congress to get it through he has -- on the phone: he is going to face -- chuck schumer all democrats screaming planning right now to see whatever they
8:40 am
can do to stop donald trump's agenda. >> dems in disarray rallying around keith ellison still are ignoring what american people want. >> you know -- maria i called this the forgotten man forgotten woman election i tell you why, and i will tell you this is really important, because if people want to understand why these blue states went red, all you have to do i spent an entire year repeating miles maria 95 million americans out of labor force 13 million more on food stamps 8 million more in poverty lowest home ownership rate 51 years worse recovery since 40s we doubled national debt. this is why this election went down the way it did donald trump -- >> still talking about climate change. they are [laughter] i mean hello. >>. on the phone: the person that
8:41 am
is out of a job in poverty on food stamps if trump gets this economy going, and if he would have followed through i will say this step out and say if he does these agenda items we will see the greatest piered of peacetime growth in modern era a boon for the economy i think -- wall street you know i am not a big fan of wall street i just am not i think average person on the outside, unless you have a 10-year plan willing to stay all-in go through the wobbles ups and downs not my favorite investment, and but -- wall street is obviously -- responding well to don presidency and economic plan at some point america has to absorb higher interest rates they have been held down for far too long by a -- i am not going to -- of fed either another issue.
8:42 am
>> a lot of people do have 10-year plan with money in the market don't realize -- money in 401(k). >> urge people my money guru that i call he says look if you need this money in 10 years don't put it in the market, put it in a safer investment, and i am not the investment expert i leave that to you, stuart, and -- even dagen i trust dagen. maria: what do you i mean even dagen? i think. dagen: hey 20 some odd jooerz shane. on the phone: dagen i don't think this is best place i don't know what it is i am a bricks-and-mortar i want to touch and feel where my money is just want to know -- >> i get it. >> i watangible asset diversification is key you cover this every day you know maishth learned a lot watching your show i really do. maria: thank you, looking at
8:43 am
rally continuing this morning for sure since election, this has been -- on the phone:. >> 19,000 today probably probably 19,000 on dow about 50 puts on away going to be up 50 points the there you go. on the phone: all the numbers looking up >> we know that shane good to see you onnon get big -- >> see you tonight. >> bye dagen. dagen: bye sean. >> different platform to outline plans stuart varney will weigh in on trump's youtube message, a jolt for starbucks customers coffee chain hiking prices big time just in time for the holds. dagen: merry christmas. ♪
8:44 am
[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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. maria: welcome back 450 minutes from opening bell markets to open higher again at record high, all four mainly afternoons all-time highs yesterday. take a look at some names we are watching tyson foods will not be participating in the rally stock under pressure as
8:47 am
company announced ceo will step down the end of the year, the move coming as company fiscal fourth quarter profits missed expectations tyson president will replace him as ceo starbucks the company is raising prices, for the second time this year, now no explanation the cost of some bakery items cold drinks brew up between 10 and 30 cents starbucks shares edging lower actually no, it is flat on the session, turning to white house right now, the white house elect donald trump usually makes announcements on twitter, but this time took to youtube to detail his plans, for his first 100 days in office stuart varney joins me toaway in on that stu good morning. >> i like it maria, what is not to like here? it is a very -- it goes over the heads of the media. the media essentially hates donald trump, he doesn't trust them, so he takes to youtube goes right over the top of them, no nasty silly about
8:48 am
probing questions from juvenile journalists, no, he goes straight at the people, like you and i our viewers talking straight at you, it is very direct, 2 1/2 minutes he covers 5 count them 5 maim areas of policy he says i am going to do it. so refreshing a can-do presidency life action presidency frankly i love it! >> i wanted to be a fly on wall in that meeting yesterday what do you think went down media executives there trump tower. >> that would be a leading question no i won't it maria? it was off the record, and we did have people from fox there, so i don't know what happened i just read the "new york post" occasionally. >> dagen has ideas on front page "new york post" headlined beat the press, donald trump allegedly looked at head of another network not associated with fox, and said i hate your
8:49 am
network, everyone is a liar you should be shamed [laughter] >> i haven't -- that with lou dobbs, you maria, go ahead, mr. trump you say what you like. >> the network has changed since our days, at cnn for sure. >> totally changed. >> big time. >> clinton news network now, was is will be for ever more just the way it is. >> stu see you in 10 menz lots to come i know "varney & company" begins 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" stuart thank you see you he 10 minutes diamonds more than a girl's best friend rock-solid asset for about investors ♪ no mountain high enough, ain't no mountain low enough ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you, baby ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby
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maria: welcome back, on this program we talk about all different kinds of investments, stocks bonds, exchange trade funds commodities what about rock hard assets christie's auction house seeing diamond prices hit record highs demand let aing up editor and chief of rob report fred anderson christie international head of jewelry good to so a you gentlemen thank you so much for joining us, one thing about diamonds that i remember is that the value holds, but i want to start with that, tell me about that, do diamonds hold their value? >> very much, so they hold their value and continue to increase over time. takes time you cannot buy a diamond this morning hope to increase later in the day or end of the week but over a good period of time, they will increase a lot. >> why? why do they hold value so well. >> only so many of them around so many diamonds so many of them in large sizes fine
8:54 am
colors, and avwho wants to make good investment, not have money sitting in the bank not making any interest or of something more portable diamonds. >> clarity most important. >> and color and clarity. >> absolutely. >> what do you see do you see a big interest from your clients in terms of rob report has fact of client are they interested in diamonds. >> absolutely you have a number of different reasons for investing in them obviously, diamonds are beautiful, they make human moments memories snapshots of geological time, people gravitate torrid them, portability scarcity demand, demand creates liquidity important as an investment consideration. >> do you see that demand increasing right now? >> yes, when i -- starting at
8:55 am
christie's 20 years ago a jewelry auction was 20 million dollars we had an auction week ago in general eva 100 million dollars same product same amount of items but value has gone up. >> who is buying them who is the customer. >> it is all across the board middle east russians south american customers established blierdz from europe and america. >> you haven't seen as this election has at an place, and as focus in america has become me are on america have you seen any of that drop off from foreign buyers. >> not yet we had auction we sold 18-million-dollar pink diamond to a customer in asia, didn't change anything. >> what are we looking at right here. >> highlights from auction in new york, on december 7. and we have on the far right to my right a 51 karat d-color diamond priced between 5 and 7 million dollars on this side 12.8 karat almost 13 carats intense originaly pink sort of
8:56 am
peach colored by harry winston in center very nice wreath necklace from 1960s made especially for betsy bloomingdale. >> what will that auction for, estimate 4 to 600,000 i think will climb towards a million dollars. >> in terms of your reed right now tell us what they are thinking. >> color diamonds greet interest. >> yellow red. >> red green blue, among rarest, the supply of that is even smaller, so from an investor perspective and more portable typically valued more per karat than some other stones we have seen interest in color diamonds they are sfwhufl where are those mind do you know where they come from. >> different parts of the world mine that is most discussed because red diamonds moneying rarest stones argyle mine western a u.s. we talked
8:57 am
about that in article on november on investment that mine is scheduled to be depleted by 2020. so the supply of red diamonds extremely small. >> fascinating, good to see you both thank you so much gentlemen right back with final thoughts from all-star panel next. stay with us. # hula dancing? cliff jumping! xerox human resource services... ...soon to be conduent. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent.
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8:59 am
>> a quick final thoughts. great show so far, leah gabriel? >> i'd love to be a fly on the wall in the trump residence.
9:00 am
would he consider romney for one of his positions? >> we'd like to know that. jon hilsenrath. >> dow 19,000. maria: dagen. >> don't let her con you into thinking that diamond is a good investment. maria: stuart. stuart: what a week it's been for your money. 19,000 on dow minutes from now? you know you look like it. the indication is that we'll go right up there at 19,000 for the dow industrials. this is the trump rally based on growing the economy, with tax cuts and deregulation and it's not just stocks. the dollar is now at its best


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